Importing Word Document to WordPress Post

Recently I had to embed a styled Microsoft Word document into a WordPress post/page. If you ever come across such task you will probably learn that it is not straightforward one (assuming you want to keep the styling of your document).

After researching for the fastet way to do it and trying a few products (such as Sandvox) I found the following approach to work best:

1) Use this great online tool to convert the Doc file to a “Clean HTML”:
2) Copy the result to the clipboard
3) Use this online tool to remove line breaks AND paragraph breaks (from step 2):
4) Copy the result to the clipboard. Then paste it as HTML to your WordPress post

You might still want to adjust the styles in the WordPress visual editor, but it’s much more simpler than any other method I found.

Good luck!

Happy Birthday to Happy B’Day!

It’s been a year since Happy B’Day! was approved for sell on the App Store! From a very simple app I developed for my own pleasure, it grew up to be a very successful one with more than 260,000 downloads, supporting 7 languages and used frequently by its users to wish their friends a Happy Birthday!

During the last couple of years I specialized in mobile development and I got to lead or be involved with quite a few iOS related projects. The most important “Do’s and Don’ts” I got to learn from this app. 90% of them are not even related to coding…

I do intend to share these learned lessons with a followup post.

Till then, here is a video review that was just published by CrazyMikesApps: