Google’s YouTube player for s60

Yesterday Google released a YouTube application for Symbian s60 based devices. This new application allows easily searching and watching of YouTube videos on mobile devices.

Well, it is sure looking promising! After installing it on my Nokia n85 and starting it, it took just 1 second to load and display on line content. This is how the main program looks like on my device:

You can search for any videos you’d like and you can also look at related videos, just as in the YouTube web version:

And here comes the big surprise. When you select a movie, the application uses its own implementation of video player, providing a supper fast loading and buffering time. It takes almost no time at all from the moment you select a movie until it starts playing. It also rotates the screen automatically with a nice spiral effect:

This is sure another great product Google is releasing for mobile devices, and a brilliant decision of them to leave J2ME aside and concentrate on the advantages Symbian platform has to offer.

Comparing the N85 and N95 video output

Now that my exams are finally over, I have the time to continue messing up with the thinks I like.

This time, I decided to compare the video quality of my N85 with the one of the N95. During my trip to the northern of Israel, I put the two devices adjoining to each other and pushed the record button!

Instead of filming static objects, I captured the videos while driving (don’t worry; it wasn’t me holding the wheel…). After downloading the videos to my PC and comparing the results, I found that although the N85 image is a bit smoother (less pixels), the two phones delivers pretty much the same quality.

In a side note, I was pretty surprised to see that although the speed of the car (around 110Kmph), the two devices produces stable images and good quality videos.

See it in your own eyes (hope the upload wont damage the quality too much):