Toward iPhone Apps Development

It’s been a while since I wrote about how my Nokia is better than iPhone, and tough I think not much have changed (well.. maybe a little :)), I can’t argue against iPhone success.

This is why I decided to try (as many others) and gain some profits from iPhone/iPod touch apps. In order to that I had to start learning some new skills: using MAC OS and its “unique” concepts, developing in objective c (new language and syntax) and using a new IDE (xCode). Not a trivial task as I believed..

So today I wanted to share with you a great starting point for the later two skills I pointed out. Stanford university has a course called CS193P which teaches how to build an iPhone application. This course is available online including the lectures videos, slides and assignments.

The course and its assignments are built in a very constructive way from the language basics to a full featured application communicating with Twitter.

After covering most of the course and its assignments, I can try and conclude that not only it is an enjoying course, I also managed to gain a solid understanding about iPhone development. Moreover, they cover some really important best practices that I believe are hard to find if you just surf the web for iPhone code snippets.

So even if you past the point of understanding the objective c syntax and how to build a basic application, I really recommend going over the lecture slides, making sure you don’t miss some important practices.

Upgrading to WordPress Platform

For several months I’m playing with thoughts I have regarding how to integrate my blog with a website that I want to build for myself. Though there is not much content yet to publish, I wanted to have a platform that will allow me to easily publish my future ideas, projects and blog in one centralized place.

After exploring several options, I decided to use WordPress, and today I installed the platform on my hosting service. It took me less than an hour to set it up together with my old posts!

The installation process is an ease. You simply upload a compressed file to the hosting server, unpack it, create and configure a database, and from that point on all you have to do is to open the install page and follow the web based wizard.

Beside blogs management, the platform also allows to add pages, media and more easily and intuitively. It has a built-in blog import mechanism, so it was a matter of seconds to move my old posts at blogger to my new site.

Now I still need to fine tune some areas, but overall I’m really satisfied with the midterm results. I guess that the real test for it will come quite soon when I’ll be ready to publish the new content.

By then, I’ll be hoping that you enjoy the new look & feel :)