Free, Working Source Control

After going through a rough semester, I finally have time to get back to the things I like..!

In this post I would like to talk about source controls.

During my last semester, I had to develop several projects together with my group. I searched for a way that we could work efficiently, just like in my real job where we develop in teams. Therefore I looked for a free source control solution. I wanted it to be simple to install, integrated into VS 2008 and most important – free.

After some trials and errors, I found almost all the things wanted from a source control hosting in This site offers free on-line subversion hosting (SVN) that supports all the features needed from a standard source control (versioning, multiple users, branching, etc) and it comes with 500MB storage waiting just for your usage. Since it is on-line, there is no need to deploy any server of your own.

The second thing that I needed is to integrate it into Visual Studio, so it will be simple and intuitive for the developers in my group. So I got a recommendation to use the AnkhSVN plug-in.. They really had done a good job with it! This open source plug-in installs easily and allows you to do almost everything from your IDE (once you connect it to your account with xp-dev): check-in, check-out, diff, branching, merging and much more. It really reminds the Visual Studio team systems except that there is no option to manage tasks.

Using these solutions allowed us to make our work in a group fast and very efficient – no more sending the code over mail, looking manually for the last changes and searching for older versions by looking in our Gmail accounts. During our intensive work on our project these free solutions did not fail us even once.

So if you ever need a free solution like that, even for your own projects – you should try it out.

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