Making the iPhone4 Work with AT&T GoPhone

So today I decided to take the risk and buy an iPhone4 without a contract (but locked to AT&T) and make it work with my GoPhone/Prepaid SIM card (without jail breaking).

I bought the 16gb version (599$) from the Apple store. Before doing anything with my SIM card, i simply plugged the new iPhone to my Mac, and iTunes asked for a few “I agree” clicks. Then it asked me if want to restore my old 3GS iPhone backup into my new iPhone 4. That took about 3 minutes and then the phone was up.

After that I cut my AT&T SIM card with a good pair of scissors to get the shape of the micro SIM I’ve got with the new iPhone. If you do that, you have to be carful. You might want to look at some videos on youtube before you start.

After placing my “new micro SIM” into the iPhone4 SIM slot, I waited about two seconds before getting the message I was hoping for: the iPhone activation succeeded!!

So now I could use the iPhone4 for texting and voice but no data yet. so I simply followed the same steps I wrote about a few months ago (see here) and it works! Now I have iPhone4 running with my AT&T GoPhone account, with a regular data package and without any special iPhone contract with AT&T.

I actually had to go through the process twice with another iPhone4. The first iPhone had a bad pixel so I got back to Apple and they replaced it with a new device. Then I placed my “homemade” micro SIM and the activation worked again like a charm.

**though it worked for me I can’t take any responsibility if it does not work for you :-)

UPDATE (OCT. 5th 2011):  You can now get a micro sim in the ATT store instead of the regular sized card, so you dont have to cut it. They did not ask me to pay more for it. In addition, you should note that the GoPhone Unlimited plan with the unlimited data does not apply to smartphones including the iPhone (in regards to 3G Data). So you have to purchase a separate data plan (e.g. 500MB for 25$) to make the internet work for you.


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  1. Mark Trayner says:

    Hi Amir

    I live in Scotland and will be heading for the US at the end of the month for about 3 weeks. I’m hopefully going to try your method to get my iPhone 4 to work on AT&T. I am jailbroken and on 4.0.1. I was wondering how you go about getting a Gophone sim card and one with data at that? Do you have to buy a phone with the gophone deal? I’m thinking if you wander into a AT&T store and tell them what you plan to do..they will be less than happy and not give you a sim card.

    Any advice you can offer will be great!

    Thanks in advance!


  2. Amir says:

    Hi Mark,

    You can simply ask them for a prepaid sim card for voice and text. It cost about 20$. I bought two sim cards (the second after the first expired). For the first one I did not show any phone, just took the SIM. In the second time i showed the iPhone and the att guy told me it will not work but he is willing to give it a try (for the voice service)… it worked of course :)

    In any way – you don’t need to ask them for a data package. After you have the SIM you can simply dial 611 (free, automatic service) to add data package. Or you can do it from their web site as well (after you register with your new number).

    If you dont have an old phone you can take with you to their store, i think it will be ok just to ask for the sim. If they will need to test that the sim works, they can use one of their demo devices they have on the store.

    Have a nice time in the US!


  3. Mark Trayner says:


    Thanks so much for your reply. I will give this a try. Can’t go wrong for $20!

    I found a sim on Best Buy’s website:

    Is this what’s required? It could save dealing with an AT&T agent.

    Also, do you need a US address to register anything related to the sim?

    Thanks again!


  4. Mark Trayner says:

    Amir, did you be chance find out if skype works on the AT&T sim?



  5. Amir says:

    Hi Mark, no, that’s just a card to refill your account. what you need is a SIM card with a GoPhone plan. They will ask you for an address but just say you are a tourist and give them the address of the hotel. This is what i did at least…

  6. Amir says:

    sorry, not using skype. but take into account that their 3g network is not as fast as you might expect it to be.

  7. Mark Trayner says:

    Hi again Amir…Ah…OK…Skype doesn’t work all that well over there then. This was my main reason for trying this…well that and email in my pocket.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

    If i get stuck…I will be back! :)

  8. Mark Trayner says:

    Hi Amir….me again.

    I bought a AT&T card…chopped it up…and i can make and receive calls and text. Have 3G (in Vegas at least) Still can’t get email or browse with Safari even after using configuration tool from Apple.

    Do I need to buy a data plan?….as that’s the message that is coming up on iphone 4: Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network

    You are not subscribed to a cellular data service.

    Hope you can help!


  9. Mark Trayner says:

    I have bought 100MB of data…still can’t get email or browse net.

    HELP! :)


  10. Amir says:

    Hi mark, first thing is to try to reboot the device or turn on flight mode and then off so the sim will reconnect to the network. Second thing to check is that you dont have any other profile beside the one you created and installed. you can check it on the device itself on settings > general > profiles.

  11. Mark Trayner says:

    Hi Amir,

    Got it working…I didn’t have a required field filled out….just got it working a few minuted ago before i read your last post….was on my way here just to let you know everything works!

    Thanks so much!


  12. Amir says:

    cool, enjoy your vacation :)

  13. Christina says:

    Hello Amir I came upon your great website. I haven’t done any of your tips yet as I am waiting for my factory unlocked Iphone from Canada. I’m in the US by the way. I’m sure I’ll run into some trouble, so hope you’ll be here to help me out LOL But its October 22 right now is your Iphone 4 still working with the voice the voice, sms and date package? You only use one sim right for all three and not a separate sim for data?

  14. micah says:

    Hey Amir. Have you tried this on os 4.1? I’ve been trying with no luck. Also i was wondering do you have to use the sim first on a phone that is not an iphone before the data will work on the iphone?


  15. Amir says:

    Hi Christina, i left the US a month ago but till then it worked ok… and yes – i’ve used 1 SIM. Let me know if you’ll have issues and i will try to help you out.

  16. Amir says:

    Hello Micah, yes – i’ve used 4.1 with it. what is not working for you? what error do you get?

  17. Cory says:

    Hey mark I have a question, is there any way I can get my iPhone 4 to work on the go phone network without cutting my sim card?

  18. Amir says:

    Hi Cory, iPhone4 uses Micro SIM, so if you want to connect it with any GSM network you have to get a micro sim or cut the regular SIM card to fit to the device.

  19. Jeff says:

    Amir, I want to try this with my iPhone 4 which initially was on a small business acct which was deactivated and no longer works. However, I still have micro SIM card with access to ATT network. Can’t I simply “REFRESH” minutes/activation on THIS micro SIM card or must I still buy the pre-paid card? After buying the pre-paid card/phone for approx. $20 US, MUST I first activate using the pre-paid phone or can I remove micro SIM from pre-paid phone, cut it and then place it in iPhone 4 and wella????

  20. Amir says:

    Hi Jeff,

    To get a prepaid/GoPhone SIM, you don’t need to buy a phone, just a SIM card with a GoPhone account.

    If you want to use your existing deactivated Micro SIM by switching it to a GoPhone account, you will need to talk to ATT. i dont think they will allow it but it worth trying.

    Technically, once you have a deactivated SIM card, it is possible to reuse it with another account – they can take the SIM number (ICCID) and place it on their system, creating a mapping between the account and the SIM.

    I hope this helps,

  21. Lenore Stoff says:

    Excellent article over again! Thanks!

  22. Sohyun says:

    Hi Amir, I’m Sohyun living in South Korea.
    I read your nice article carefully.
    But I need your help..!

    I will go to UO in Eugene, Oregon after about 1week, as an exchange student of my university and I will stay US at least 5months.
    So I have got iphone4 last month to use it in US and in Korea, too. But I don’t know what to do exactly. What I know is that
    first, Unlock country lock of my iphone4.
    second, Buy pre-paid SIM of US
    third, Use my iphone in US
    AND after comeback to Korea,
    : Buy Korean SIM and use my iphone4 in Korea.

    So, I wonder if I can use my iphone4 in US with US SIM like AT&T pre-paid service by taking your method.

    I want to use all services(texting, voice and data..)
    with iphone4 as using it in Korea.
    And I want to get texts and calls from Korea. I think I will send many texts and calls to Korea, too.
    Also, I really want to use facetime or other videotelephone app to contact with my family and my boyfriend.

    It seems to be complicated to me..
    Pleas help me Amir!

  23. Amir says:

    Hi Sohyun,

    I think you already got it right.. if you want to use it in the US, you will first need to unlock your iPhone, then buy an AT&T prepaid sim, use the method described here to open it for data – the text & voice are already included (but they will cost you more than in Korea i believe). When you get back home, simply switch back to your current sim card.

    regarding facetime, it does related to the cellular network since it operates over WIFI (it might use text messages but it is already there with AT&T).

    i hope that helped! let me know if you have further questions.

    Best regards,

  24. Mike says:

    If I put my to go phone sim card in the the iphone4 can I facetime

  25. John says:

    Hi Amir and All, Thanks for writing this, does anyone know if this still works with locked iphone that is now running 4.

  26. Amir says:

    Hi John, i’m not sure i got the question…. if the phone is locked to a carrier different than ATT&T then it probably wont work :(

  27. Tanzen says:

    Hi Amir!

    First of all many thanks for your handy tutorials :)

    I have few quick questions, I usually came to US twice a year (February and June), I have already an unlocked quad band phone and I plan to buy a post paid/goPhone Sim Card and choose the 2$ per day plan (I need only unlimited text and voice domestic calls for few days each visit).

    I understood that if I buy 25$ of credit it will expire in 30 days (and if I buy more they will be 90 days, 1 year and so on) but what about the Sim Card and the mobile numer associated with it? When it expires if I don’t use the credit or the plan I choosed?

    Do I need to buy a new Sim Card every year I will came to US if it expires then?

    Thanks and greetings from Italy!

  28. Shane says:

    This is off topic, but if you already have the phone unlocked, you might as well just use t mobile. Better plan pricing and for 10 dollars more than AT&Ts unlimited plan you get all that plus 2gb of data. Just a heads up.

  29. Amir says:

    Hello! yes – if your line is inactive for 90 days the account is cancelled and the number is no longer available for you. I did not find a way yet to keep it alive without being physically in the US and turn on the phone.

    About the price, when you think of it, the sim does not cost your money. You pay 25$ and you get a sim with 25$ credit that you can use for internet packages or voice/text. But if you dont use the internet/voice/text package your purchase within 30 days then you actually loose what have left in that package. that your alrady paid for.

  30. Amir says:

    Hi Shane, i must admit that i did not check the t-mobile option, mainly because that in the area im traveling to the t-mobile coverage is quite limited. But maybe now with the expected merge between att & t-mobile, things will get better :-)

  31. Linda says:

    Hello, I just received my iphone 4g locked to at&t that I purchased on ebay. The phone is activated I see her old phone number in settings. I just ordered a gophone micro sim on ebay. Question all I have to do is activate the sim with at&t online and then put sim in phone and change the phone number in settings am I right? When I do this I will report back and let everyone know if it works. I hope it does as I am waiting for a unlock to come along for os 4.3 but it is not looking good at this time so I figure gophone is the way to go while I wait. Thanks again for the info.

  32. Justin says:

    Hi. I am in the uk and have an iPhone 4 (unlocked), AT&T sim and credit on gophone. When though I put sim in it searches for network but nothing more. Will it be because I am in uk or perhaps because the imei number is for my blackberry??

  33. Amir says:

    Hello.. Most likely it is because you are in the UK. ATT prepaid sim is not open to roaming and when you travel with it outside the US it will not be able to connect to any other GSM provider.

  34. Justin says:

    That is good news . Thanks

  35. Sean Halek says:

    As I website owner I believe the content here is rattling good , regards for your efforts.

  36. erik says:

    i went to the ATT store. (BIG mistake). They wouldn’t even sell me a SIM. i think they have changed their policies. I bought a POS phone, then the fuckers in the store opened it up and activated it right there in front of my face. When I placed the SIM in a 3G i have lying around, it is stuck on No Service. It still works with the T-Mobile SIM i have, and the iphone is picking up ATT’s Network when it searches. So I proceeded to call ATT goHpone service, to switch the IMEI number. THey asked why? I said I like this phone better. Well, from the IMEI number they were able to tell it was an iPhone, and told me I am out of luck because “gophone does not support iphone.” I’m going to start from scratch picking up a gophone at Walmart, as well as ordering a SIM or cheap gophone online through the ATT website. I will let you know as I progress in my research.

  37. abbie says:

    I have an iphone4, i completely restored it back to factory settings, and now i have cut a gophone sim to the size of the micro sim. after i put it into my iphone, it said invalid sim? help!?

  38. John Anderson says:

    I also get invalid sim

  39. Rikarudo says:

    Okay I have a GoPhone plan that I want to use on my iPhone4 , I watched the videos on how to cut it properly . I slipped it into my old phone wich takes reg sim cards and it worked. I was able to talk and text on my old phone. But when i put it into the iPhone i get no bars. can u help me ?

  40. Amir says:

    Hi Rikarudo, it probably means that your iphone4 is not sim free. try connect it to itunes with the sim inside and see what it says.

  41. lewis says:

    how long have you been using this gophone iphone? i just set it up on my 3gs and im debating on keeping it going because im worried at&t will find out im using an iphone and cut off my data. i need the 500mb data plan they offer.

  42. Amir says:

    I was using the 100mb for 19$ package. One of my reader just reported that it is not working with the unlimited package but it is working with the others (where you buy mb package).

  43. Fred says:

    Hi Amir,

    This process worked great for me, however it seems to only work for data that goes through their Web proxy. So Maps works, for example, and Safari, but not Skype or IM+ or other apps that get their data from other means than Web services. Do you suppose there’s a way to configure it to use other ports, or might I have missed something, or am I the only one who’s using more than just Web stuff?

  44. lewis says:

    i do not use skype or other IM programs so im not sure about proxies. However there is no way to make the iphone use proxies to my knowledge.

    i know that the unlimited package doesnt work with iphones/smartphones. it only works with dumbphones.

    However so far things seem fine with the iPhone 3gs on the $25 500mb data plan. Actually when you login to your at&t account, it says that im using the 500mb plan but in the data balance screen it shows 512000kb available and then subtracts as you use it. So 512mb is working so far for me. im going thru about 110mb a week. So im doing pretty good.

    Im also using a program i downloaded from the Cydia market called DATAMAN. No i dont work for them, so im not advertising it. With this program, you leave it running in the backround and you can set how much data you are allowed each month and the start date of your billing date and it will tell you how much you use and show it in numbers and percentages.

  45. Amir says:

    Fred if you are using data package other than the unlimited one, any app should work – but the speed is usually slow so you should take it in mind (making calls with skype will almost be impossible).

  46. Andres says:

    So I just got a quick question. I’m in Canada and I have a legitimate unlocked iPhone 4 (full price from apple store).
    I’m going to the US for about 2 weeks. And normally go down. I was wondering if this process worked for iPhone 4s? I was looking at the comments and all of them where for 3G and 3Gs. And if I don’t have an account with AT&T do I just call and activate the smartphone package for GoPhones and then just cut my SIM to a smaller size? And then it should work?

  47. Sigi says:

    Hi Folks!

    I am from Germany and now here in the States for working about one year.
    My plan is also buying an iPhone4 (unlocked) and want to youse this with an at&t Go Phone Prepaid Plan. Maybe with the 2$ on day, when in use, and Data-Package (maybe 300MB).

    Does anyone knows if this works with an new iPhone (iOS 4.1.3?)
    What’s happen if there is a new iOS (Maybe 5)?

    Thanks for your answers!

  48. Amir says:

    Hi Sigi, it works with the latest iOS version, and upgrading it should not affect it.

  49. Amir says:

    Hi Andres, yes it works with iPhone 4 as well. You can buy the SIM card at any AT&T store in the US.

  50. Sigi says:


  51. Meliss says:

    Hey All

    Just a quick clarification regarding go phone sim cards, if u activate a sim with a go phone it is LOCKED TO THAT PHONE!
    So if u take it out and pop it to any iPhone it will not work. You MUST contact AT&T and ask them to unlock the sim!!

    The best way to do that is to have another unlocked phone handy, borrow one from a friend and tell AT&T u like this phone better give them the iemi and they will unlock it. HANGUP THEN put the unlocked sim in your iPhone it will then and only
    Then work for you!!!! All go phone sims are locked to their go phones for 6 months this is the only way to do it.

    Good luck. :-)

  52. Armando Sanchez says:

    Hey Amir, your advice is the best I’ve read from the internet.

    So all I have to do, is go to an ATT store, ask for a gophone sim, which you said cost $20, but can you buy the plan you want, like the $50 everything plan in store, or is it wiser to just call customer service and set up your gophone account with them?

    I’m wanting to get an iphone 4, here in the next few weeks, and just want to be cautious. Oh and does it matter what os update it’s on, like 4.3.1 or something?

  53. Amir says:

    The iOS version does not matter, though i can’t tell about iOS5.
    As for ATT, yes- just buy the sim and the data package – not that the 50$ unlimited plan does not work with this method. you will need to purchase a 100MB or more data plan.

  54. Armando Sanchez says:

    Thanks a lot Amir, you’re very helpful.

  55. Mark says:

    Amir, first off, what a great thread. We are moving from Europe to the US and have 2 legitimately unlocked iPhone 4s we purchased in Italy. No jailbreaking or anything. Signing up for the 2yearplan with AT&T seems like madness. So I found your thread :-)

    From this thread, it sounds like we just go into the AT&T store near us, purchase 2 GoPhone SIM cards, go online and buy the dataplan (500MB), cut the SIMs down, put them into our iPhone4s and it should all work. Questions:
    1. Can we purchase microSIMs for a GoPhone?
    2. Will the AT&T people refuse to sell us just the SIM card? After all, if we don’t have a GoPhone, won’t they know what we are doing?

  56. Mark says:

    Amir, my wife wants to do the $50 unlimited voice/text and then do the $25 500mb data plan – should that work? It’s still lots cheaper than the normal iPhone plan, gives you more (except the data), and there is no 2year commitment. Do you think that this “$75/month” plan will work with a GoPhone SIM cut down and put into an unlocked iPhone4? Thanks!

  57. Sue says:

    Amir, thanks a million for this site! I have learned so much, but a little late in the game I’m afraid.

    Going insane here. Lost corporate job and CANNOT afford contract plan on iPhone4 anymore.

    I think I really screwed up. Had iPhone 4, GSM version with a contract, broke/cancelled AT&T contract, purchased cheapest GoPhone possible, tried to transfer GOPhone SIM thru AT&T Customer Service to iPhone. Didn’t work, of course. AT&T said they couldn’t transfer the SIM info bc my SIM in my iPhone4 “was used and could not be reactivated.” They told me to “purchase a new micro SIM thru AT&T”…YEAH RIGHT! Have you ever tried that? Not happening at all.

    SO, to get the GoPhone SIM to work I need to do two things:
    1.) Call AT&T have them unlock SIM using a friend’s IEMI….NOT THE IPHONE4 IEMI
    2.) Carefully cut GoPhone SIM to convert it to MICRO for IPhone4. This should give me voice and text only. I have the 50 unlimited plan. I believe you mentioned in a previous post that it won’t work with this plan. Is that true too? Do I have to purchase yet another SIM card? And do I have to purchase the data plan through AT&T too? UGH I know I won’t have data with the 50 plan, just WIFI, and have read how to open it via manual APN but am having enough trouble just getting the voice activated.

    Can you see any additional problems? Am sure that AT&T noted my call and am “on to me” having a recently cancelled iPhone4. Open to any suggestions. Was so stupid in contacting them but found those directions BEFORE I found your fantastic site!

    Thanks so much! I REALLY APPRECIATE THE HELP. I am broke and this means so much. I love and miss my iPhone greatly. I know this is legal so I don’t see what the big deal is….I just can’t afford the big ding each month that I was taking with the old contract.

  58. Amir says:

    Hi Mark, you will have to add a limited data package.

  59. Amir says:

    Hi Mark, thanks!
    1) no, only the regular sim card
    2) no, they will sell it to you. In the worst case they will ask you to present them a GSM phone. Just show them an old nokia :) from all my experiences with them so far, they never refused to sell me a sim card when i did not have a gsm phone with me.

  60. Amir says:

    Hi Sue,

    Sorry to hear … i hope you will get a new great job soon! To get your GoPhone sim work with your iphone, you just need to cut it and place it on your iphone. If your iphone 4 was originally from ATT you dont need to unlock the sim card… just cut it to micro sim and use it with your iphone (assuming you didnt use it before with another phone).

    The unlimited plan will give you calls and texts but not data. If you want 3g data you will need to add another data package on your phone (limited one).

    Good luck!

  61. affan says:

    i was just wondering does your iphone 4 have to jail broken and unlocked or not for gophone sim card to work

  62. Jason says:

    WARNING: AT&T have changed their policies with gophones. Supposedly they have a script that runs occassionally to check for smartphones on their services that will lock your sim. I bought 2 gophones informing the merchant my plans to put into my iphones. I have done this on previous vacations with no problems. I bought a micro sim cutter with sleeves for using with standard sim slots. The jerks registered both phones in the store which locks the sim to the go-phone. Neither phone would work without it’s registered sim. I took one back that I hadn’t actually cut down but in the opposite phone that it was registered with. The phone wouldn’t even boot and displayed a sim error. The guys in the store were not familiar with the gophones and polices so they replaced the phone with another. I took that sim and tried registering it but it wouldn’t work with the iphone. $75 in cheap phones that I couldn’t use the sims with my iPhones… what a pain in the ***. AT&T will not sell pre-paid sims to work with smartphones.
    Make sure if you do the go-phone thing you register it yourself but in my case it still didn’t work. :(

  63. Amir says:

    Hi, nope the iphone just need to be open to att sim card (US phone or sim free)

  64. Amoon says:

    Hey Amir,

    I thought I’d ask a few questions before I buy an Iphone 4…

    I have an AT&T GoPhone,(Pantech Pursuit) which has been active for almost a year now, every month I put more money on it, and it’s never run out. It’s not a microSIM. I have the 2$ a day plan, and I can get on the internet from my phone, but it costs a couple cents each time I do it, which takes away from the amount I originally put on (like 30$ every two weeks.

    If I buy a new Iphone4, without a contract, (400$ online) can I just cut the SIM and put it in the new phone? Or are there other things I must do first? You’ll have to explain it simply, lol, I’m not good with technology.

  65. David says:

    Hi Amir,

    I have an iPhone 4 with the GoSim and I have tried numerous times to use the internet with a basic 100MB data package. IT NEVER WORKS. When I bought the gosim, the at and t guy said a data package wouldn’t work with a go sim iPhone but I thought i’d try anyway and it seems he is right! Am I missing anything?

  66. Sandra says:

    Thanks for your post Amir! I’m planning on heading to the US in a few months and I’ll be there for about 6 weeks, so I really wanted to be able to use my iPhone 4 (which is already unlocked as per govt regulation where I live).

    I have a couple of questions/clarifications…

    1. The account is activated online but the card/phone can only be activated when you’re in the US correct?
    2. Could I get a friend in the US to purchase the sim card for me and activated it using any unlocked phone (not a gophone) before sending it out to me so that it would be ready to use as soon as I get off the plane?
    3. Which gophone plan would you recommend? I know you say don’t get the unlimited plan which I’m guessing means I should either get the $25 monthly or 10cents/minute plan. Am I right?
    4. Given that I’ll be there more than 30 days, I’m assuming that if I top up the account it should automatically renew for another 30 days, correct?

    Would be great to hear your thoughts.

  67. Amir says:

    1. i’m not sure which account your are refering to…
    2. you can do that, but once he buys you the sim card and activate it, you have only 3 months to use it before they terminate this specific sim.
    3. if you want plan to call people wihtin united states or text them, then i suggest to get the 50$ unlimited plan for domestic calls and text. then you have to add a data plan – i’m using the 500mb for 25$ – i think it is the best value for money.
    4. you will need to add funds (e.g. 25$) to your account and purchase another data plan (e.g. the 500mb plan)

  68. Amir says:

    i’m using it now and it works great. are you sure you installed the configuration profile as mentioned in my post?

  69. Amir says:

    Hi Amoon, yes it should work ok. if you want to use the internet then you should follow the steps in my post to have it working on your iphone4. you should note however that this method is not guaranteed to last for long… it depends on att.

  70. Anas says:

    Hi Amir, how are doing
    I tried it for the 1st time and it worked.
    now i’m trying it again and it won’t work, I couldn’t install the profile.
    When I prees Install, it didn’t give me anything
    how can i solve it ?

  71. Andrew says:

    Great post! Lots of useful info. Please help me out. I think I have a grasp of everything but just to double check:
    Recently, I was removed from my parents’ plan and they left me with an inactive iPhone 4. I got myself a go phone with at&t at $50/month and want to use the SIM from that phone in the iPhone. Is it as easy as taking the SIM out of the go phone, cutting it up, putting it in the iPhone, and that’s it? Or is there more?

    After reading the thread, I saw many people have different experiences and you’ve given a lot of advice. I’m just a little confused and would like a clear cut answer. Please help and thank you for your knowledge on the subject. It’s greatly appreciated.

  72. Amir says:

    basically yes – for text and calls all you have to do is cut the sim and place it on your phone.
    if you want 3g data then you will have to purchase a separate package (e.g. 500mb for 25$) and follow the steps in the post. just take in mind that although it is working now no one can guarantee att will not block it at some point.

  73. Eric says:

    Hi Amir,

    Great info. Thank a lot!

    Two questions. I will buy an unregistered AT&T Go Phone SIM from eBay. When I arrive in the US, I will turn on the phone (iPhone 4), for registration. Now, will AT&T not see that the IEMI number is an iPhone and block it?

    Thanks :-)

  74. Janis Wortmann says:

    Hello Amir
    I’m an exchangestudnt from germany and since iphone 4s was releast yersterday i would like to ak you if
    A) it still works with at&t
    B) if not if annother carrier works (including 3g)
    C) if anything works what i exactly have to do (right now i have nothing but money)

    thank you for your help

  75. Amir says:

    Hi Janis,
    Sine the iPhone4s is not out yet, it’s hard to know. I do know that this approach still works with iOS5.
    And as for (C) i’m not sure what you’r asking :)

  76. Amir says:

    Hi Eric, my suggestion will be to buy the sim card in the US, unless you have to get it working as you step down the plane :) as for blocking your att sim card – no one can guarantee they will not do it. so far it is working fine for me and i didn’t hear about it before (but i might be wrong).

  77. Janis Wortmann says:

    Hi thanks for the reply. With c i mostly ment something like
    1. purchase gophone sim card
    2. activate it normally or use imei xy or so

    or generally i read for example that iphone+gophone got blocked and dosen’t work anymore.

    But I will ask you again later, when it is finally released.


  78. Joshua says:

    Hi Amir,

    Have you noticed that the gophone data stopped working over the past few days? I have a factory unlocked iphone4 I bought directly from Apple in August, had gophone data working for a while and then nothing. Tried unlockit and the iphone configuration utility, per your instructions. I am getting a data IP address but no data transfer. Tried resetting network settings, rebooting, re-entering configuration profiles, entering and exiting airplane mode, etc. Any thoughts or advice?



  79. Kobo says:

    Hello Amir,
    This is a great website for guiding me to switch to the GoPhone plan.

    I got a micro SIM card today at a local AT&T store. I just walked into the store and told the store guy that I need a micro SIM card for a used iPhone that I bought on eBay. He wanted to activate the card but I asked him not to since I don’t have the phone and can do it myself when I get it. He just gave it to me after asking a manager. It was a regular SIM card.

    Anyway, my question is whether it works. Based on my understanding from your website, it should. Just wanted to confirm.

    Also, I understand that you do not know yet whether the data works after upgrading to iOS5 (I mean the setting). Would you please post the result after you test it? I do not mean to use you as a test, but I do not want to cancel my regular plan unless I know for sure that the data works with GoPhone (i.e., GoPhone $25/500MB data plan).


  80. Amir says:

    it works for me, which data package do you have?

  81. Amir says:

    it should work, but i’m not sure what you mean by not activating it? and as for iOS5, it still works with the gm version but it depends on the ATT. no one can guarantee it will keep working forever…

  82. Kobo says:

    Hello Amir,

    Thank you for your reply. I am not comfortable to switch to the GoPhone service.

    Regarding “not activating,” I thought the store person was trying to activate the SIM card for the regular 2-year contract.

    Anyway, I have another question.

    When I activate the SIM for the GoPhone service through AT&T’s website, it asks me the IMEI number. Some websites said that iPhone’s IMEI number is not accepted for GoPhone. Is that right? If so, will it take IMEI from any cellphones, including those not using SIM? It may be a problem if it only takes IMEI from a SIM cell phone because I don’t have any.

  83. Amir says:

    Hi Kobo, I never tried to activate a GoPhone SIM card through their website. My advice is to buy the SIM card in the ATT store where you dont need/asked for an IMEI. If you have to use their website, then probably the iPhone IMEI wont do it. You can try placing any other IMEI number you might have (from old device, or from the web) – i dont think they are locking the sim for the specific device but i can’t be sure – it is only my assumption.

  84. Noel says:

    just use all zeros. That’s what I did for my IMEI when I registered online and it worked

  85. Tynisha says:

    I just got the iPhoen 4 off of eBay however, I read in other websites that I can no longer use the GoPhone sim card. Is this true? Should I buy a micro sim off of ebay ? If I do buy the micro sim can I still get access to the GoPhone plans?

  86. Clark says:

    I just purchased a used Iphone 3gs for my wife. She has about $200 in credit on her gophone account. Her current go-phone is active. I took the gophone sim from her active phone and put it in the Iphone, and “no service”. Do I have to get another “new” gophone sim in order to turn the phone on and then somehow transfer the account to the new Iphone. Her iphone uses the new 5.0 operating system. I took the phone into an ATT store and got them to activate it just to test it and it worked fine.

  87. Amir says:

    is the iphone sim free?

  88. ian passmore says:

    Hi here great site i have done all the above phone works for texts and calls. Added the $25 data but no internet tured off and on, airplane mode etc but no dice. What else can i do? By the way im on ios5 on iphone 4. Cheers!

  89. Mike says:

    Ian – I just followed the instructions above and got it to work on iPhone 4 with iOS 5, so I assume this means the solution works on iOS 5 as well. I had a few hickups and here’s what I recommend you do:
    – When you hit the “configuration profiles” and click on “add new profile” you will see a list of options (general, passcode, restrictions, etc.) Apple calls these things payloads if I’m not mistaken. You MUST have at least a NAME and an IDENTIFIER listed under the GENERAL tab. To be on the safer side, go ahead and fill out something for organization and description as well (some organization and some description will do the trick).
    – Scroll down to “advanced” and follow the instructions from Amir verbatim (copy paste from the website to avoid spelling errors).

    Then go to Devices and install the profile (as Amir explains) — my iPhone displayed a PROFILE dialogue on my screen, with the same name as the one i’ve used in the GENERAL tab above, and which had a button named “install” on which I tapped (on the iPhone) to finalize the process. When complete, you can actually see a green tick mark on the iPhone.

    I had omitted something in the description and when I would hit “install” there was no sign of success (no dialogue box to confirm that it is installed, nothing.) I realized that once you click on your device name (shown only when your iPhone is connected and under Configuration Profiles) you are given an option tab called Console (the last in the list of Summary, Configuation Profile, Provisioning Profiles, Applications, and Conssole). That is basically your phone’s console, and while it doesn’t provide much valuabe information to an untrained eye, when I tried to install the profile that was incomplete I was faced with some quite straightforward errors that complained about the profile being invalid or something in that line. Take a peak and see whether you have the same issue and if so, examine your configuation profile GENERAL lines to make sure you’ve got it all set up correctly.

    Good luck and thanks to Amir for the super-useful tip!

  90. Adrian says:

    Hi there,

    I read your posts about getting a GoPhone pre-paid package (no contract) to work with an iPhone 4. I currently have an AT&T locked (no SIM) white 32GB iPhone 4 that I bought off of eBay. I want to use the:

    – $25 Monthly Plan includes unlimited text messaging nationwide plus 250 minutes of nationwide calling a month. You can add a data package to access the Web.

    with my iPhone 4. How should I go about doing this? Just buy a phone from their site and sign up with the plan? And then cut the sim card down to size, put it in my iPhone, and then activate it? Or…is there a way I can get a micro SIM from AT&T without cutting it down?

    Thanks and great site btw!

  91. Amir says:

    Hi Ian, It should work for you.. make sure the profile that you installed is shown up on the install profile list in the iphone settings. You should also verify that the APN details are correct.

  92. Amir says:

    Hi Adrian, I updated the post with this information. Basically all you have to do is walk in to one of their stores and ask for a GoPhone sim card. When i asked them for a micro sim they gave it without asking questions or paying more. Worst case you will get the larger sim card and need to cut it… As for the package, yes – you should be able to add it.

  93. Adrian says:

    Thanks for the response!

    So all I need to do is go to the ATT store and buy one of their phones (with package – I plan on getting the $25/month one) and ask for a micro SIM? If so then that’s great! I am going to go this weekend. Can’t wait to get my iPhone activated :D

  94. Amir says:

    you don’t need to buy a phone, just the sim card..

  95. Adrian says:

    Thanks! I went to the ATT store yesterday and all I had to do was convince the salesman (he was so chill lol) to get me a micro SIM. And after 15 minutes of talking and activating, I walked out with a micro SIM and an activated iPhone 4! Sweet!

  96. Adrian says:

    Oh…and the SIM was free too :D

    Thanks again for the very useful tip!

  97. Wyll says:

    Hi AMir,

    I have an Iphone4 and wanted to use a newly purchase Pay As You Go sim card from AT&T. T cut the simcard to fit on the iphone4 micro tray but it still say no sim card?

    Any idea what should I do?. I call ATT pay as you go customer service but I didn’t tell them i am using it on an Iphone4. They said the sim card sims to be working when they try calling it ask for an IMEI number but i told them a different IMEI from nokia

  98. feestuff says:

    Hi Amir!! I had the same problem as Fashed in which Safari uploads so slowly that it times out. I managed to get google home screen up only once? What do you think this is??

  99. Syed Naim says:

    One thing Amir forgot to mention, with the go phones as you buy them along with a phone or even at the store, they’re locked to certain phones that are categorized “non-smartphones”. What anyone will need to do is Find a Old At&t phone, or I purchased a different flip phone on Craigslist & call at&t ask them to unlock your sim card. Once that’s done, you can use your go phone sim card on almost any At&t device you can think of. I’m hoping this helps everyone, and if not then I’m sure we can all figure something.

    Big Thanks to Amir & all the time he puts in to this website.

  100. Amir says:

    Thanks Syed for your input. Though in my previous experiences I did not have to go through it, the SIM worked straight on the iPhone.

  101. Amir says:

    are you sure you have MB left on your package?

  102. Innovative says:

    Great Site Amir,

    I just got my AT&T “off contract” iPhone 4 16gb $150 hand me down from a good bud. The iOS version I’m not sure of yet, because it doesn’t have a sim to get to the config screen. He took the original sim out (used it in his new iP4S i believe?) and then did a restore to factory to wipe his memory. So just some items are still unclear to me:

    1) In the case of my factory restored phone state… Do I need to activate a GoPhone sim in an older unlocked phone 1st (e.g. Old Nokia) or am I now forced to activate it somehow in the iPhone? Or can I simply acquire a new GoPhone sim (never activated/married) via the AT&T store methods discussed or from a fresh “cheap” GoPhone sim extract? I’m just confused because the phone is now “factory fresh”. If this “restore” state presents a problem can you please explain a plan of attack?

    2) So should the GoPhone sim be in a virgin un-married GoPhone activation state (never activated in a GoPhone or elsewhere) or activated in an old Nokia or some other old off contract phone?

    Putting this together for my son for Christmas. Thanks in advance.

  103. iPhoneUser says:

    Amir, thank you so much for your site/time. Very helpful information. I know many have gotten this to work with an iPhone 4 but has anyone successfully gotten it to work with an iPhone 4S? How about Siri, does that work? If so, does it require the data plan (guessing yes)? I read this entire site and many others but have not found specific reference to a 4S working or Siri.

  104. numan says:

    has anyone gotten working on device with ios 5.0.1??

  105. Jimmy says:

    Hi Amir,
    I purchased an unlocked iPhone 4S from the Apple online store. After I received the phone I went into an AT&T store and told the salesperson that I have an unlocked iPhone and that I want to sign up for gophone service. He told me that gophone service does not work with smartphones and that he could not activate the service for me. I told him that I know that the gophone service works with smartphones as AT&T sells smartphones on their website as gophone packages. He then gave me a regular (non-gophone) micro sim card for free ( I am an existing AT&T wireless customer) and told me that I could activate the card myself online. I left the store and put the sim card in my iPhone. I got the no service message. When I got home, I went to the gophone website to activate the sim card. I entered the sim card number from the card given to me in the AT&T store. I entered all zero’s for the IMEI number. Activation was a success and they gave me a new phone number. About two minutes later got a text message from AT&T with my new login password. I logged into the gophone site and using the new phone number and password and setup my account and added funds to pay for talk time and I purchased a data package. Next I followed your instructions and changed/added the APN settings using the Apple software. The new profile was added to my iPhone. I am able to make calls and surf the web, get e-mail etc. all using the gophone voice and data service. I cannot believe how easy this was to do. It has been about three weeks now since I started using the gophone service with my iPhone 4S and it has been working great. Thanks for all the information.

  106. numan says:

    Hey Jimmy – great recap.

    Can you verify that your iPhone 4s is running iOS 5.0.1?

    Been looking for an ansewer to that for a while now. thanks

  107. Jimmy says:

    Yes my iPhone is running iOS 5.0.1

  108. numan says:

    thank you !

  109. Sam says:

    I have an att gophone sim card that I was using on a sony ericsson until I recently purchased an Iphone 4. I purchased a data plan and when I try to use it I’m told that I cannot connect to the data network because I have no subscription. I called ATT and they said the Iphone4 cannot use the gophone network… Do you think I my data connectivity issues could be solved by going to the ATT store and getting a new sim card that hasn’t been register or used on another phone?
    Thanks for your time and for your contributions with this website.
    -Sam V

  110. Amir says:

    Did you install the profile as mentioned in the original post?

  111. Amir says:

    I updated the post. It seems to work ok with 5.0.1 on iPhone 4S.

  112. Amir says:

    I hope it is not too late to answer that. Anyway if you buy a sim which is not activated, you can the activate it on the AT&T website. Several readers mentioned that if you fill out the IMEI with all zeros it will pass. Then use the sim with your iPhone. Factory reset should not affect anything except the configuration profile which you will need to reinstall.

  113. Bryon says:

    I have an ATT gophone that I have been using for 1 year now, and I want to buy an unlocked iPhone 4 and use the SIM card from my go-phone in the iPhone 4. Am I able to simply put the sim card in to the iPhone 4 and use voice and text? I read something about having your go phone sim card unlocked. Any help would be appreciated!
    Also, if I jailbreak an activated iPhone 4, unlock it, and use a different sim card, would you be able to restore the original iOS software and use it as an unlocked phone?

  114. Brandon says:

    Hi Amir!
    Just clarifying: I got a gophone plan a year ago with a normal gophone from AT&T. Then, about 6 months ago I put my sim into an iPhone 3GS and have been using that since. Now I decided I want an iPhone 4. Is all I need to do cut my sim card and put it in an iPhone 4? Also, I have heard that iOS 5.0 can detect a gophone plan and deactivate the sim card. Is that true?

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  116. elizabeth says:

    hi! thanks for posting all this awesome info….but i have a hard time processing info if it is not exactly like what i need…even tho’ i have read through all the posts a couple times…sorry.ok…when you mention “Second thing to check is that you dont have any other profile beside the one you created and installed” what profile are you referring to? also, i have a blackberry that i used with an att contract plan. i thas been switched over to the gophone 50.00 act for a few months. i would like to try to find an iphone 3 or 4 to use. what is the difference in activating an iphone 3 or 4? so, i just cut up the sim that is in my blackberry, put it in a ….4g iphone and it will work? or i use my big sim and put it in a 3g iphone? (for just talk and text, i mean)? do i need to worry about unlicking anything….or would i be all set since it as already an att phone?? i am not sure what unlock means.also, any idea where i can get a an iphone 3g or 4g for a small amount of money? thanks!

  117. ebenvios says:

    Amazing things here. I am very glad to peer your post. Thanks so much and I am having a look ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

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  119. Billy says:

    I bought an iphone 4 off contract, and I just ported my number to from T-mobile to AT&T service on January 3, 2012. I was happy with it for awhile until this morning (January 19, 2012), they added a data package, the one thing I was trying to avoid. So now my question is, can I transfer my number to GoPhone account, because I must really keep the same number because I had given out to many contacts. I prefer just unlimited texting and the 10 cents per minute plan on the GoPhone service. So if I asked them to transfer my number to a GoPhone sim, will they let me or will they lock the sim to a certain phone. Also, I have an unactivated sim card from AT&T, will I be able to open a GoPhone account on there and cut out the sim card? Sorry for the long post!

  120. Melanie says:

    Hi Amir (& and other geniuses)

    Many thanks for this article. It was quite useful. However, I’m having an issue with voice/text, not to mention internet.

    I bought an AT&T iPhone 4 from eBay. Luckily the original SIM came with the phone. I received the phone before receiving the sim cutter so I activated the phone with the original SIM.

    I have a GoPhone with a SIM that’s been used for over a year. Today, I cut this SIM down to size using a SIM cutter. While doing so I think I scratched the metal surface a couple timse. I don’t know whether this would affect the SIM’s functionalities.

    I put the downsized used SIM from my GoPhone into the iPhone; turned the iPhone on. And the top left corner says “No Service.”

    I would appreciate any & all help !

  121. Cynthia says:

    Hi, well i bought a used iPhone from a friend and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get it started for myself.Now i was thinking on trying the go phone plan of 25$ a month. i know that there won’t be internet but that doesn’t matter.
    Now my question is if i already have an activated sim from at&t go phone will it work if i get it cut to micro for my new used iphone4? i mean I’m confused because it has an imei number already but will that be a problem?

  122. Charles Steele says:

    The T-mobile option would work as long as your iphone is unlocked and can use any carrier. I know the T-mobile coverage deal about using AT&T’s towers as their partner coverage. It DOES work. You CAN use a T-mobile phone on the AT&T network because they both use the GSM technologies and AT&T is T-Mobile’s partner coverage.

  123. Joe says:

    I just bought the iphone 4 without contract, and I need a sim card. Is it possible to get a sim card from at&t with a number I had from my go-phone.

  124. Joe says:

    Also I cut up the old sim card that was from a go-phone and it didnt work,

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  126. Teresa says:

    Hi Amir,
    I just wanted to clarify for anyone out there who’s confused about the great info on this website. I got a used 3g iphone which is locked to AT&T. So, I purchased a brand new ATT/Cingular sim card for a couple of bucks on ebay, put it in my iphone, and went to the website to activate it with the gophone plan. In my case, I chose the $25 monthly plan, and typed in my new sim card number. When it asked for my IMEI number, I entered zeros (15 of them), and it activated. Then, the site has you set up your account, and I picked the cheapest data plan ($5.00). I don’t care about the data part–I can still go online with the iphone on my own wifi. Thanks, Amir, and everyone for your input!

  127. sherell says:

    Okay, so based upon what Teresa is saying, the iphone does not have to be unlocked. Amir, what do you think? Is that how it works or was she just luck, lol? I have an iphone 4 that I deactivated a while ago when I went to sprint for the evo 3d. After being so sick and tired of the evo’s battery life issues, I am ready to switch back to my iphone but without the contract. My iphone is jailbroken, but not unlocked. Amir, (or anyone else who knows), can I just get a gophone sim and pop it in?
    Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!

  128. julio says:

    hey i was wondering if there is a certain go phone u have to get from walmart to get it to work with iphone 4

  129. herber says:

    i use the internet on my iphone alot i bought the $15 data plan but it finish i need more what do i do?

  130. Arianny says:

    I tried doing this with my iPhone and it won’t let me call or send text messages please help !!

  131. Adam says:


    I got a locked iPhone 4 and it works on the gophone network without being unlocked… i haven’t tried data yet… that’s my next venture.

    you should be fine without unlocking it for gophone

  132. source says:

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  134. Dillon Reese says:

    I just want to use my GoPhone sim card in an iPhone4 to call and text. Can I do this? Please let me know (:

  135. Lonely says:

    You sure it will work cut prepaid SIM card it bigger

  136. Lonely says:

    Thank in advance :))

  137. I just stopped by to look at this site. It is really interesting and I had a good time viewing
    it, thanks for the helpful post!

  138. FrPaisii says:

    I’m wondering if it is possible to tether an iphone4 to a mac with a prepaid gophone data package. I’ve tried and so far it’s not working – everything hooked up for about 5 seconds but then it stopped.

    ATT now has a smartphone data package for $65 a month but i’m paying about $30 a month for very satisfactory email and browsing on the phone. I don’t use the phone everyday as we live in a rural area with no cell service and only use it when i go to town, 40 miles away. I will be traveling soon and would like to have the tether capability for the phone to the mac.

    Thank you for your time!

  139. priya says:


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  141. Michael says:

    I have an ATT Iphone4s that used to be on a contract but the contract went unpaid and is no active. Would that prevent me from using this phone with a GoPhone simcard? Can you do this with an Iphone4s?

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  150. Mick says:

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    So, I would like to use the “Torch” to take an use in Europe. When I get there, next month, where do I buy a SIM for the Torch? Do I still need to call AT&T to “Unlock” the Torch or will the SIM seller be able to un-lock the Blackberry?

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